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I provide holistic, human-to-human psychotherapy to assist clients struggling with any number of issues including:

Mental Health

Decreasing Stress

Learning and Applying Skills

Substance Use Struggles

Navigating Transitions

Identity Questions

Navigating Relationships

And More

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About Me

I’m David Romano and I use my experience as a clinical social worker and mental health advocate to provide Psychotherapy.

I have spent my entire career focused on helping others navigate their journey and find their voice through therapy, coaching and mental health advocacy.

I provide effective and affordable therapy and support for whatever you need, wherever you are.

David Romano – Founder, MSW, LICSW
license number 24120


Years of Clinical experience


Professional Speaking Engagements


Founder & participant: bike across America for mental health


years of certified DBT Practice

My Practice

Holistic and effective therapy

My first priority is building a safe and comfortable space for us to navigate your journey.

Long Term Maintenance Therapy

The most popular and effective program. Be anticipatory vs reactionary with your mental health. Weekly or Bi Weekly sessions to better yourself.

Short term solution focused therapy

Are you seeking support and guidance with a specific issue? I provide short term, solution focused sessions to help you navigate whatever life throws your way.

Skills Coaching

Are you looking to build a tool kit to help navigate life’s stressors? I utilize my experience as a DBT therapist to provide clients with tangible and effective skills.

Education services ***Coming Soon!

Not looking for therapy but want psycho-education and insights? Follow my mental health blog or purchase my online course.

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